Jan 13

House Beautiful 2013/2014

Thank you to the Barret family for their constant support of my work, and for promoting my pieces in the most current issue of House Beautiful for December 2013/January 2014. I hope the photos in this amazing article will inspire others to transform their rooms into goldfish encrusted spaces. Please feel free to contact me in regards to any inquiries, but also note the painting featured on the cover of the magazine has been sold.

Mar 15

Eastern Caribbean Landscapes 2013

Some lovely landscapes on their way! Thank you Mother Nature for creating the most breath taking sunsets and cloudscapes for the duration of my trip…..

Jan 21

Provincetown Landscapes 2013

Unveiling of new landscapes! Beauregard Fine Art in Rumson, New Jersey will be showing the most recent collection of works. Keep posted for more updates!

Dec 27


Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday! We enjoyed Boxing Day in the city watching the Rockettes and getting to see the tree at Rockefeller Center…..here’s to a new year ahead, may it bring everyone much joy and success!

Dec 16

Goldfish Painting for Sale to Raise Money for Victim of Sandy

For the few who like my GOLDFISH series, here is a painting I am selling to raise money for a friend who has lost everything in the hurricane. 100% of the sale will go to my friend; they have lost their home, all their possessions, their job, their car and this is a very deserving soul…..

“Serenity No. 6″
Oil on board, 12″ x 16″ 2012

Please email me with any questions,
Help give this painting a home! I will wrap this for a holiday gift and hand deliver immediately.

Dec 16

Selling Paintings to Raise Money for Sea Bright

In an attempt to help raise money for Sea Bright Rising, I am selling this unusual orchid painting I completed in 1999. The piece is 28″ x 36″ and is oil on canvas. I am selling it for $950.00, I will be donating 50% to Sea Bright Rising, and taking the other 50% to buy gifts for patients at Monmouth Medical Center, where I volunteer at. If you are interested please email me! I will be happy to wrap this up for a holiday gift and hand deliver!

Have a happy holiday!

Dec 12


Please welcome Mopps and Melky! Looking forward to a warm winter spent with these two lovely new gentlemen! As much as I want to be painting full time, I am helping to find homes for anyone who has been displaced from Sandy at McCue Real Estate in Rumson, located at 124 East River Road. For any help with relocating please ring 732.842.2760. I am also spending the holiday season volunteering at Monmouth Medical, anyone who would like to help can contact me via email for more information: info@penelopedeyhle.com

And……ta da! I finally got heat this weekend! Amazing how grateful I have become for the smallest things; heat, clean clothes, and hot showers = bliss! Adding puppies? Thats heavenly!

Nov 25

Louis Vuitton Party 2012

Thank you to Norman at the Short Hills Louis Vuitton store, for inviting Omar and I to this amazing event! Im sure we will be back again very soon…..

Nov 25

Cloud Series Commences!

The view from Belford NJ into Manhattan

As can be seen, we have amazing water views from New Jersey. Above is from Belford, taken at the beginning of 2012 while driving around Port Monmouth and other shore lining towns. But nothing ever seems to compare to the striking colors and scenes of Provincetown.

The trip to Provincetown, Massachusetts took almost exactly 10 years to plan after originally going out there with a friend in 2002. The original road trip started off heading to Mystic, then from there to Newport, and we ended up in the magical, abandoned town of Ptown. The never ending road trip inspired some of the best landscapes I have ever created.

Ten years later and I finally booked a cottage on the bay! Annabelle and I trekked out to the end of Cape Cod and stayed at the Aeerie House and Beach Club www.aeeriehouse.com, located ironically across from the Copper Fox (where I stayed in 2002) and next to the Mews (one of the restaurants open year round in Ptown).

Now, armed with fresh images and a few paintings completed while out painting plain air, the new cloud series can start! Photos will be posted shortly.

Nov 25

Moving Forward from November 2012

Annabelle in her little house

Thank you for the support from friends and family, this month has been long and difficult. Hurricane Sandy flooded my house, the looters who took anything that wasn’t ruined, loss of artwork, and of course the unexpected loss of my Annabelle. I have also removed my Facebook page as I have had an overwhelming number of people stealing my paintings and recreating them. SO from now on, I will be using my blog to keep anyone updated and posting images of upcoming events.

I hope to keep everyone updated here, and please post comments and I will look forward to the start of 2013 bringing us all good health and happiness…..until then I will keep this blog up to date!
Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving,
Will let you know when I finally have heat!